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By web AdminMarch 19, 2015

Parents always want to give the best of everything to their children. They want their kids to have the best home, food, and lifestyle. Education is one thing that can help a child in achieving a better standard of living when he or she is grown up.

Children’s books play an important role in a kid’s learning journey. If a child is surrounded by books from an early age, he or she grows to become a more skilled and learned person. But it is important to make the learning process fun for children. Books can only enhance the knowledge of a kid, but toys, especially puppets, can develop the social and emotional skills of a child.

Child Education Services is a specialist children’s book store in Perth, Australia. We have a huge stock of children’s books and other resources to assist your child’s learning.

Puppets Develop Social Skills

Puppets are great tools for speech and language development. They can make the quietest of children speak up. Puppets can be used to teach a kid social behaviours by involving him/her in social situations. For example, you can use puppets to teach your child how to greet someone or how to ask someone for help.

Puppets Enhance Creativity and Imagination

Puppets help a child in exploring his or her creative side. Puppets are a very powerful tool to bring a story to life. Older children can learn to compose stories and create characters by the use of puppets.

Puppets and Books

Puppets and books make a great combination to help your child become knowledgeable and creative. Puppets can bring books to life. Many story books for children contain animal or cartoon characters. Puppets can be used to represent those characters of books and create a play. Children may also use their imagination and create stories and characters, and then bring those characters to life by using puppets.

Child Education Services, located in Perth, Australia, is a specialist children’s book store. We have a huge and diverse collection of children’s book and puppets, which can foster the learning skills of your child. We offer whole body puppets, storytelling hand puppet sets, little puppets for little hands, family hand puppets, storytelling dolls, hand stage puppets, and many more to help your child learn through puppet play.

If you want to acquire children’s books and puppets in Perth, Australia, you can contact us at 08 9225 6516.